“A great builder that knows how to treat his customers right. I’ve owned over a dozen Hippners in my career and have loved playing them all. You can’t go wrong by buying one of Darren’s guitars. You won’t be disappointed. Buy one for yourself and you will be deeply inspired.”
Andrew Schulman, Abaca Productions
“Ports ports ports!!!! This is the best instrument I have played in a long time. It not only sounds tonally great, but it really kicks butt in the concert hall.”
Gordon Kreplin
Watch Peter play Praetorius on a Hippner guitar: YouTube Clip
Peter Fletcher, Website
“My instrument must change as I play it, as a conversation will change between two people. This new series of Hippner guitars does just that.” (James Manuele)

“The voices are very separate, almost like a piano, both trebles and basses are clear and focused and the mid range has a complete character of its own.” (Foti Lycouridis)

Watch the Portland Guitar Duo play and review Hippner guitars: YouTube Clip

Portland Guitar Duo, Website
“I have known Darren Hippner for over 10 years now and he has built me wonderful instruments that I have played, performed and recorded with. Every Hippner guitar is handcrafted with love, passion and a strive for musical greatness. I’m proud to call him my friend and guitar maker.”
Perfecto de Castro, Website
“Darren is providing hand-built guitars made from exotic woods at an incredible value. Finish and build quality is top notch and the French polished tops really project.”
Stefan Uriadka
December 3, 2016, Longmont / Hygiene, CO, USA; Mosaics and Murmurations CD Pre-Release concert featuring Steve Mullins (guiitar), Sandra Wong (violin), Brett Bowen (percussion), Kevin Garry (guitar), Doug Walter(marimba), Maria Vazquez (dancer), and Marisa Perez (singer).  Photo Credit: Al Milligan-KLC fotos
“The guitar arrived today safe and sound. I got home from teaching a couple of hours ago and have been playing it ever since. I must say, ‘wow!’ I think you’ve outdone yourself this time. This guitar definitely exceeds my expectations. It has a great flamenco sound — very crisp for rasqueado, great seperation, amazing responsiveness and incredible playability. The bass is rich and huge and the overall balance and volume are great. What a joy to play. Thank you so much.”
Steve Mullins
“My Hippner Custom Steel String Acoustic was instrumental in the making of my 2 New Albums (Evolutions Vol.1 & Vol. 2) and exclusively featured on 15 of the 27 recordings.

The rich bass, balanced midrange, sparkly highs and strong & speedy neck (double trussed) allowed me to explore various styles & sounds in various open tunings ranging from pure acoustic finger-styles, articulated percussive tapping, slide guitar all the way to plugged in, overdriven riffs.

This is a truly special guitar hand-crafted by one of the kindest & most passionate Luthiers you’ll ever meet. “

Max Serpentini, MaxSerpentini.com
“After 10 years of performing on Hippner guitars and making recordings, I can say that Darren is a world class luthier making world class instruments. I play Hippner guitars exclusively. There are very few luthiers that go beyond craftsmen and quality in my eye, as true artists go Darren is among these rare individuals”
James Durkee
“Darren’s Bernabe model guitar with a 625 mm scale suits my small hands like a dream and while the guitar body itself is physically very light, it projects full depth and color in sound with a rich tone that can be heard in the back of any hall.”
Julia Crowe,
“[The Santos] is a fabulous guitar… I’m especially surprised that is has so much color. A more complex sound than I was expecting or imagined possible. I can’t imagine getting anything close to this good for the money. Plus it looks/plays fabulous.”
Vic Varney
Annalisa Ewald, Website

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